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Britech Industries: Completely updated on line catalog. Special feature: Grommet Finder is a useful tool for the owner and customer alike. Search engine optimization increased visitors and hits resulting in additional sales and inquires. Link to  Britech Industries Website
Link to Southeast Mushroom  Website Southeast Mushroom: Site for Mushroom Specialties Company in High Springs, FL. Growing company wanted to move form e-bay to it's own site. E commerce set up via PayPal; . Owner grew the bisuness and retiried in 2021. Site closed
Hutt River Province: Tour the world of this breakaway Australian province. This site was broken up into three paarallel tracks; History, Geography and World Communty. Site has been absorbed, with updates, by the official gov't site. Link to Official Government of Hutt River Website
Link to Britech Extrusions Current Webpage Britech Extrusions New site for Britech Industries; for all extrusions made by Britech; includes all elastomers from rubber, vinyl and plastic. Site has been merged into the main site for Britech.




Link to Prairie's Edge Organics Website Prairie's Edge Organics: Green is Good! Site for Organics products company in Micanopy, FL. Enhanced web presence has lead to worldwide sales growth. Black Worm Castings make all plants greener! New Products added monthly. It's all Good!
Injection-Molded-Plastics by Britech is the place to go for all injection molded plastic parts. Specializing in custom plastic parts using complex tooling and various resins. Site completly updated in 2021 and merged with the main Britech site. Link to Injection Molded Plastics Current Webpage
Miami Exhibits: Displays client's work on various pages according to type of work. Special Feature: Uses frames pages to display shots of completed without opening new pages for each. The site was a useful marketing tool. Company closed in 2020.
Good Beer Fun site offers craft beer tastings, beer and food pairings and classes. Offering restaurants, breweries, pubs and hotels any craft beer related event. Try our six pack of classes soon!. Let us plan your craft beer event today. Cheers! Link to Good Beer