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At LG Design we believe that our customers websites should be functional, easily navigable and be of clean design. The web is full of ugly, hard to use and silly websites. We try to do our part by designing sites that will be useful and provide a good experience for users. The websites also have to be found. Many sites are great but no one knows they are there. We design, from the start, for websites to be found on the search engines and other sources. Even your e-mail address should be a small "ad" indicating that your company has a web presence. All printed material must include your web address.

E-mails used in marketing campaigns should be to the point and short. Make it easy to contact you and get to your website. If it's a newsletter; make it relevant and on message. Make your contacts want the e-mails and they will stay.




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All good websites should be easy to navigate. Can the user easily find what they came for? Distracting ads and graphics don't make a site easy to use. The opening page should have everything on it or links to additional detailed pages on the subject. Scrolling should be kept to a minimum. Clean design is a concept many don't follow. This means no flashing or annoying graphics. Pop up boxes should be relevant and easy to close. Minimalist designs should prevail; if it isn't needed don't put it there

Your Facebook and Twitter pages can be also be used to communicate with your customers. They should link to your website and have a similar look and feel. Many don't understand how the social sites work; it's not all about blasting ads and notices out over and over. They are social sites and most people don't want heavy duty advertising on their feeds all the time. Realize that these new media are two way communication mediums and you can gain valuable feedback and communicate with your customers too.